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What Inspires Me To Work Happy


Here is where I express my creativity and inspiration related to my happy work life. I hope it inspires you too!

View of Stafford Lake in Novato.heic


I awake on the day I realized that I have permission to begin a new life, an authentic life. I may live the rest of my life honoring my mental, emotional and physical wellness while also doing my best professional work.


My Life Is A Poem

My wellness is poetry in motion

I do my best work when my time feels like the flow of an ocean

Where the heavy lifting is in stride with the tides

And I know where I'm going is aligned with the wave I'm riding

After I inspect my expectations

Reflect on what I've learned

Set my compass

And my starting location

Only then will I know where and when to catch the best waves. 

Female Surfer


Integrating my authentic self with my work is a bit of a balancing act. But it's worth it. When I can actually write a POEM about my WORK, then I have to sit back and realize that indeed crazy lady, you have finally integrated your heart into your work.  


It takes safety to work with the heart 

The Heart

Think of the heart as though it is an eel. An eel pokes it's nose at the opening of underwater holes and crevasses but will generally sink back if provoked. If it sees opportunity to feed, it will surge forward and grab it's prey. It may creep around a bit to get a sense of it's territory, but it likes best to be well protected between the corrals and rocks. 

Female Surfer

Emotional Safety

We all need an inner 

Female Surfer


We all need an inner critic and skeptic. Even right now, as I'm working away at this incredibly fun creative project, I can hear mine chiming in the background...

"Why are you publishing this? Who would want to read it anyway? This is all your stuff, not theirs. They won't understand it. They will insult or ridicule it".

Befriend your most vulnerable and intimate self. I've value having the mutual ability to be vulnerable in a romantic relationship, for example. But have had so much confusioin knowing how much is too much and where to draw the line. Too much would mean I was being co-dependent. Too little, emotionally unavailable and distant.  

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