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Ferris Wheel


If a project is like a ferris wheel, every cog in that wheel has an important role. Many riders (stakeholders), hardware, software, and professional services (people) are required to keep it turning.

It's important to have an inclusive and transparent mindset to avoid problems down the road.


Motivation ultimately determines team productivity. People need to feel appreciated and supported by their teams and their companies to do their best work.


If we think of each person as a universe unto him/herself, then there are multiple factors and elements influencing their motivations, needs, well-being and performance.

Anytime, Anywhere

Judge Gavel

If every universe is governed by its' universal laws, then every person (stakeholder) would have their own inner legal system assessing for them what is right and what is wrong in a situation.

When the laws or rules come from within us, we are more empowered and inspired to abide by them.


Anytime, Anywhere

Aerial View of Curved Road

The Road To Me

I was born me, and then I explored other options because I could. I tripped and fell along the way, but I also found some beauty and some new possibilities. There were people and creatures at every junction, along every path I took. I had to traverse rough waters and got hurt many times. Sometimes others hurt me, sometimes they helped me, but more than anything, I hurt myself by forgetting who I was. I thought I had to forget so that I could adapt to my new surroundings. But then life challenged me so that I could once again remember. I resisted the challenge for awhile because I was afraid of what I may find. But I had to because I have two children who need me, and who I want to be there for. I found new meaning each moment I remembered to practice gratitude, which has now become my religion. Now I know I must stay connected to my true self and that if I do I will be happier in life, and happier in work.  

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