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Alicia Lerrigo - Human Oriented Project Manager

Hi There!

You've found Alicia Lerrigo. Welcome to my site. 

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I created this site so that I could share more about me and my project management style than my paper resume does. It is also intended to become a creative outlet for me to explore ideas, collect feedback and hopefully provide something of value to someone. At the very least, I hope it helps you decide if I am truly a good fit for your project.

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In Summary

I’m a Project and Program Management enthusiast, Certified Scrum Master and PMI-PMP candidate. I'd love to learn more about your organizational needs, your pain points, and the reason you are looking to hire a human-oriented technology project management professional, if that's why you're here. 

With over 20 years of experience and the enthusiasm of an entrepreneur, I am confident I can help improve your operational and project efficiency and effectiveness, without compromising on human quality.

My approach is the result of decades of observing, analyzing, and improving workflows - not just in a functional sense, but in a human sense. I think like an organizational behaviorist. 

My viewpoint may not be what you are used to your project managers having because my life has been, let's say, a little unusual. I have developed my unique self-care toolkit over time, and throughout this process I have also gained insight into how I can help other project managers turn their innate sensitivity into an advantage.

My sensitivity and diverse past have given me an array of insight into what makes people work productively. I understand that real progress occurs when organizations prioritize people first, and when people are in touch with their place of "Happy Work".

  • I'm a natural promoter. If there is a program or a change happening, I'll be constantly aware of stakeholder/customer buy-in.
  • I highly value effective communication and transparency.
  • I seek to bring efficiency to business processes utilizing communications, data analytics, testing, and feedback.
  • Most of all, I’m teachable, passionate about my work, and always appreciate feedback. 


“In addition to her project management skills, Alicia also has excellent communication skills and emotional intelligence enabling her to interact effectively through the organization.”


"Her attitude and hard work were always appreciated by the entire team."


"Alicia's tenacity and meticulous focus on details is applauded and appreciated."


Some things I've learned about project management...

Clock Gears


If a project is like the gears of a clock, every cog in that wheel has an important role. Many riders (stakeholders), hardware, software, and professional services (people) are required to keep it turning.

It's important to have an inclusive and transparent mindset to avoid problems down the road.


Motivation ultimately determines long-term team productivity. People need to feel appreciated and supported by their teams and their companies to do their best work. There is a whole lot more going on inside each of us than we can possibly understand. But one thing we share is that no two people are exactly alike in every way; each of us is our own universe.


So if a person's a universe unto him/herself, then there are multiple factors and elements influencing their motivations, needs, well-being and performance.

Reviewing the Laws


If every universe is governed by its' universal laws, then every person (stakeholder) would have their own innate legal system assessing for them what is right and what is wrong in a situation.

When we are self-aware about the innate legal system governing our behavior, and can identify what our rules are, we become more empowered and inspired to either abide by them, or question them if needed.

Constantly being told what to do and what not to do from others is not a long-term solution for happiness at work.

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