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Hi There!

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You've found Alicia Lerrigo; 
Project Management Professional, Entrepreneur, Writer, Creative Consultant, Eternal Seeker of the spirit and science behind "Happy Work" your service.

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I consider being able to access a "flow" state to be a big part of one's happiness at work. I also think that incorporating that "real you" into your work makes it easier to achieve. 

I call being in this state Happy Work because when I do my work this way, I feel happy. And from my experience, I only seem to get there when I've been able to integrate my innate calling with what serves as my defining "north star", and my work. 

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My Services

Available For Hire

I'm a project and program management enthusiast, certified scrum master, and PMI-PMP candidate. I'd love to learn more about your organizational needs, your pain points, and the reason you are looking to hire a project management professional, if that's why you're here.

With over twenty years of professional experience, and the enthusiasm of an entrepreneur, I am confident I can help improve your operational and project efficiency and effectiveness, without compromising on human quality.

My approach is the result of years of observing, analyzing, and improving workflows - not just in a functional sense, but in a human sense, because I think the two go hand in hand.

My sensitivity and diverse past have given me an array of insight into what makes people work productively. I understand that real progress occurs when organizations prioritize people first, and when people are in touch with their place of "Happy Work".

  • I'm a natural promoter. If there is a program or a change happening, I'll be constantly aware of stakeholder/customer buy-in.
  • I highly value effective communication and transparency.
  • I seek to bring efficiency to business processes utilizing communications, data analytics, testing, and feedback.
  • Most of all, I’m teachable, passionate about my work, and always appreciate feedback. 


“In addition to her project management skills, Alicia also has excellent communication skills and emotional intelligence enabling her to interact effectively through the organization.”
"Her attitude and hard work were always appreciated by the entire team."
"Alicia's tenacity and meticulous focus on details is applauded and appreciated."


Some things I've learned about project management...

Clock Gears


If a project is like the gears of a clock, every cog in that wheel has an important role. Many riders (stakeholders), hardware, software, and professional services (people) are required to keep it turning.

It's important to have an inclusive and transparent mindset to avoid problems down the road.


Motivation ultimately determines long-term team productivity. People need to feel appreciated and supported by their teams and their companies to do their best work. There is a whole lot more going on inside each of us than we can possibly understand. But one thing we share is that no two people are exactly alike in every way; each of us is our own universe.
So if a person's a universe unto him/herself, then there are multiple factors and elements influencing their motivations, needs, well-being and performance.

Reviewing the Laws


If every universe is governed by its' universal laws, then every person (stakeholder) would have their own innate legal system assessing for them what is right and what is wrong in a situation.

When we are self-aware about the innate legal system governing our behavior, and can identify what our rules are, we become more empowered and inspired to either abide by them, or question them.

Constantly being told what to do and what not to do from others is not a long-term solution for happiness at work.

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“I had the opportunity to work with Alicia for roughly 7 months. In that time, she was a dedicated project manager for my team and our projects. Her attitude and hard work were always appreciated by the entire team. She developed quality materials for senior management, up to the CIO. Alicia was able to champion projects and garner support across IT and related business units, which enabled projects to progress and the team to grow.”

Chris Bailey - Director of Innovation & Architecture

Managed Alicia indirectly at Matson

“Alicia Lerrigo was a key partner providing excellent technology support in assisting the International Group GBG and EMEA KYC teams to meet all Wholesale Banking Customer Due Diligence requirements by the December 31, 2014 deadline. Alicia quickly learned the GBG and EMEA KYC business models and created two separate project plans that ensured achievable timelines and key milestones would be met. Alicia scheduled and facilitated various partner meetings throughout 2014 with each IG Team, and was instrumental in keeping each Team focused on the detailed work efforts required to meet the overarching project objectives. Alicias tenacity and meticulous focus on details is applauded and appreciated. The GBG and EMEA KYC teams looked to Alicia to provide technology support to address issues/concerns and Alicia quickly partnered with the right Wholesale Technology teams, as appropriate, to plan, resolve and close any open issues/concerns. Alicias dedication and cross-organizational partnership was instrumental in supporting the GBG and EMEA KYC Teams to a great year-end finish. Thank you, Alicia, for your hard work and partnership in support of the International Group and to the International Portfolio and Program Management Group.”


Gabriela Spindola, Portfolio Manager


"Alicia was liaison to my group at Wells Fargo"

“Alicia reported to me as head of the PMO for a large Healthcare client. Alicia had previously been managing administrative, operational, and event management aspects of the office . As part of my team Alicia continued to assist with these areas and also with PMO resource tracking. She also collaborated with and served as point of contact to HR. She assisted with budgeting activities, managed resource on-boarding and off-boarding and created manuals to facilitate this process. Alicia proved she was willing to go the extra mile in assisting with an office move that required her to initiate the process of identifying a location, managing a budget for the relocation, procurement of many aspects of the office infrastructure. She managed this while attending to other aspects of what was required of her in the PMO, including coordinating team events and maintaining a team communication board on Sharepoint.”

Michael Kenny, Senior Manager

Managed Alicia directly at Accenture
“I have known Alicia for six months in her capacity as a Business Consultant at Kaiser. Alicia frequently distinguishes herself by submitting exceptionally well researched and written reports and showing a strong commitment to quality in her work. She is also a fantastic team player by always encouraging her teammates to dig deeper to better ourselves and be a more efficient team. Alicia is highly intelligent with great analytical and communication skills. In general, Alicia is compassionate and hard working with perseverance and ambition and is well liked and respected by her colleagues. Alicia would be an extremely positive asset to any company and I have no hesitation and great pleasure in endorsing her.”

Riis Francis, Business Consultant

Worked directly with Alicia at Kaiser Permanente
“I have known Alicia for over a year and I highly recommend her. She is very detailed and not afraid of ambiguity. SHe is very knowledgeable and works wells with other people. She is a subject matter expertise on Primavera P6, a project management tool.”

Tina Fashoro, MBA, PMP, ITIL

Worked directly with Alicia at Kaiser Permanente

“Alicia and I worked together as she supported the IT Services PMO. In her role, Alicia worked directly with the Director of Architecture and Innovation, supporting him and his team across a varied portfolio of projects. Alicia provided direct project management support for several projects, and oversight, guidance and reporting at the portfolio level for both projects and short-term Proofs of Concepts. I recommend Alicia as she successfully navigated a changing environment and facilitated the stabilization of the newly formed Innovation team. In addition to her project management skills, Alicia also has excellent communication skills and emotional intelligence enabling her to interact effectively through the organization.”

Steve Smith, Strategy and Operations Leader

Managed Alicia directly at Matson

“I had the pleasure of working with Alicia at Kaiser Permanente, she supported my team of project managers who are located across the US and was a key player on our team. She has an inquisitive nature and was always willing to explore process improvements and find solutions to a vast variety of issues. Alicia has strong analytical and communication skills which are further enhanced by her enthusiasm for learning. Her detailed, yet pragmatic approach, ensured the requirements of each project were met while keeping the project managers informed and ensuring minimal rework. She was very articulate explaining the status of each of her projects and was always available and open to questions and discussions. She is a multi-talented individual that I believe would perform well under any circumstances. I highly recommend her without reservations.”

Emily Farrer, Program Manager, KPIT

Managed Alicia indirectly at Kaiser Permanente

“Alicia reported directly to me for several years as a Project Coordinator. In this capacity, she managed multiple development and update projects for a major consulting asset used with over 300 clients. Alicia's strengths include communication, scheduling, follow-up, coordination, quality assurance, flexibility, ownership for deliverables and an ability to work effectively in a virtual environment. Alicia is hard working, is eager to learn, is a skilled coordinator and does whatever is needed to meet the objective. She also actively looks for ways of better meeting the needs as well as opportunities to make additional contributions. Alicia was effective in her role and her contributions led to the success of numerous projects I managed. I am comfortable recommending Alicia because I would definitely hire her again.”

Christopher Rundell, Senior Program Manager


Managed Alicia directly at Accenture

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