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Welcome to My Blog

Updated: Sep 18

Exploring the themes "Happy Work", "Helpful Habits", and "The Highly Sensitive Project Manager"

I've always loved writing. That doesn't mean I'm a great writer, it just means I love it and I am moved to express myself through the written word. I've been toying with the idea of creating a blog for a long time. I have so many top

ics I want to write about, and I started collecting and expanding on those topics about three years ago, along with the creation of Three Trees Institute.

The universe keeps pointing me back to writing, sharing, processing in words. I feel that it is through writing that I finally understand what I'm thinking and feeling. Where I can put the pieces of my life

together and know which direction to move in. It's not important to me that I have a lot of readers, or even any. What's important to me is the magic that happens when my words are made official. When I hit "publish", I'm making a statement to the universe. I'm saying, here I am - the good and the bad, the right and the wrong. Let's take it from here and keep learning.

My blog will evolve over time, as all blogs do. My overarching theme has to do with how to find your "Happy Work". I work in project management so I will often frame my dialogue from a project manager's perspective.

I invite you to follow my blog. I'm always up for constructive and positive feedback and conversation!

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