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The Road To Me

Updated: Sep 16

An oversimplified little story about gratitude and finding my authentic self.

I was born me, and then I explored other options because I could.

I tripped and fell along the way, but I also found some beauty and some new possibilities. There were people and creatures at every junction, along every path I took.

I had to traverse rough waters and got hurt many times. I'm sure I hurt some people too. Sometimes others hurt me, sometimes they helped me, but more than anything, I hurt myself by forgetting who I was. I thought I had to forget so that I could adapt to my new surroundings. But then life challenged me so that I could once again remember.

I resisted the challenge for awhile because I was afraid of what I may find. I eventually learned to face myself. I realized that I was becoming what I was afraid of. I had to take a big step back from the life I was living and give myself time to reflect. During that time I became friends with my inner voice and learned to listen to her. Everything she told me was with compassion and love.

I no longer feel alone, ever. I no longer wish I were something I'm not. And I am deepening my relationship with myself everyday. I am realizing that what matters most to me is my desire to be present and emotionally available to my kids, family, and anyone who life moves me to support, to appreciate, and to enjoy along the way.

I am finally living the rest of my life.


Do you have a constructive opinion, comment or question you'd like to share? Feel free to add it to the comment section of this blog.

And thanks for reading! My writing is based on my own experiences. I am not a psychologist. But I have had to wrestle with sensitivity my entire life and career. I am inclined toward behavioral sciences. I have taken a lot of mental notes and watched a wide variety of dynamics play out in my direct and indirect teams. I now feel moved to write about what I've learned.

Speaking from the heart,


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