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A few projects I enjoyed...

People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.  -  Zig Ziglar 


MATSON NAVIGATION: Architecture and Innovation Portfolio - IT Services PMO

The Architecture and Innovation Teams are one and the same at Matson…the Architecture team “officialized” “Innovation” at Matson. However, other groups, such as Infrastructure and Operations, were also and always are innovating. In fact, other groups at Matson are encouraged to participate in the Innovation projects, so team sizes could vary and expand beyond the Architecture team. My job was to manage the Architecture portfolio which also included the Innovation pipeline, process, and projects. The Innovation team started in 2015 with some initial concepts of how to shift a more traditional company culture and mindset to one that embraces innovation. When I took over the project management of the initiative, it was still largely undefined. However, by the time I left Matson, it had taken shape and was progressing at a respectable cadence. We had about 62 ideas at the time I left Matson. I ran a weekly triage meeting where I facilitated the review of new ideas and determination of business value, priority, and next steps in the pipeline process. Much of what occurred here was business case development…I drove collaboration and progress of the pipeline with the various business groups to determine need and overall value of the ideas. The ideas ultimately funneled into either a proof of concept, pilot, full-blown project or enterprise initiative….or were declined. The impulse behind the Innovation team is “keep thinking about how we can do things better”. The team is probably the most inspired and creative, free-thinking group in the company. I spearheaded the promotion of the "Innovation Newsletter", which aimed to inspire and fuel the spirit of innovation in the company. The diversity of this portfolio of projects, from large waterfall enterprise initiatives to larger hybrid Agile/waterfall development projects, to purely Agile projects, pilots, and POCs, honed my expertise in the planning and reporting of iterative work into traditional project roadmaps for executive-level communications. I also became skilled at distinguishing when a traditional project management style was needed, and when it was better to take a "servant leadership" approach and encourage self-organization among teams (i.e. Agile Scrum).        

WELLS FARGO: Wholesale Banking Customer Due Diligence Program - International Group

This program was developed in response to a requirement imposed by the federal government to ensure Wells Fargo an enterprise view of all customers and customer activity in order to prevent money laundering and fraud. The program was launched in 2013 with a pilot of the several US and international lines of business. In 2014 the remaining lines of business were expected to meet certain agreed-upon standards by the end of the year. I was assigned to manage the rollout of our first iteration of an updated customer due diligence CRM solution for the international lines of business, and then again the remaining international lines of business which included EMEA, APAC, US, and Canada. The risk to Wells Fargo if the projects were not successful was a potential fine of over 2 billion US dollars. Through many unforeseen challenges that presented themselves along the way, including risks of additional fines from the International side, and with the help of some great team players, I was able to successfully complete my International projects on time and on budget.

KAISER PERMANENTE: KPIT Infrastructure Remediation Program - Program Management Office Reorganization and Primavera P6 Implementation

Kaiser Permanente Infrastructure Program is responsible for the remediation (updating) of technology infrastructure in all of their facilities every five years. Kaiser facilities include hospitals, medical office buildings, and office buildings. Technology infrastructure present during this time was Voice, LAN/WLAN, Wireless, and VOIP (Voice over IP). The PMO (Program Management Office) for the IP organization was in the midst of a major reorganization and additionally, planning a major technology implementation. I was assigned to a team of five project managers and a program manager to guide them through the reorganization and the implementation, and to help to ensure their projects were in compliance with budgetary, schedule, and governance requirements. The IP PMO was situated as the final filter before the executive board and thus, there was high visibility on the success and accuracy of our reports and functions. I was accountable to my team to ensure they were successful.

ACCENTURE: HPPE - High-Performance Process Excellence 

I co-developed a post-launch support plan during the development phase of the new High-Performance Center of Excellence in India, and managed the integration process post-launch. The project was focused on the development of an intellectual asset "Best Practice Business Models", an ever-evolving knowledge base gathered from our subject matter experts on the field with clients working in Consumer Goods and Services and Retail Industries. I played an integral part in determining QA standards for quality and consistency related to process model content and the technical design and delivery of the asset via an internal web-based tool. I coordinated global teams across the US, Latin America, Europe and Accenture's Process Excellence team in India.

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